What Lack of Sleep Does to the Body

couple sleeping snoring

Did you know that a lack of sleep due to sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea can ultimately affect your oral health as well? Read on to learn some of the most common issues associated with a lack of sleep that may be creating issues in your mouth and even your health as a whole.

Tooth & Gum Pain

Did you know that lack of sleep can worsen periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is associated with gum and tooth pain, and it can also lead to tooth loss. According to some studies, bad sleeping patterns are second only to smoking when it comes to worsening this particular oral health issue. So making sure you get the most sleep is vital not only for your whole body health, but for your oral health, too.

Grinding Teeth

There is research that suggests that the grinding of teeth – also known as bruxism – can also be a product of sleep apnea in some people. Nocturnal teeth grinding can lead to a number of issues, including tooth and gum pain. This, in turn, can lead to a lack of appetite. Other issues include facial and dental damage, which can also affect your body's overall health.

Bad Eating Habits

Many studies show that a lack of sleep can lead to bad eating habits that, in the long run, can be hard to break. Not only do bad eating habits lead to weight gain and health-related issues such as diabetes and hypertension, they can also adversely affect your oral health and create acidity and hormonal problems in the mouth as well as bad breath. Find yourself waking in the middle of the night and enjoying a midnight snack? The body works hard to prepare itself for the various aspects of the day and during sleep the body sort of shuts some functions down. Appetite control and sleep are relational as much as what you put into your mouth and oral health. It is essentially a cyclical process.

The list does not just end there. What lack of sleep does to the body and our oral health is not a joke. Sleep is an important process in our daily lives. Visit us at Sleep Better Austin for ways to keep your health in check by creating a better sleep experience for you and your loved ones. Contact us for more information today.