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Sleep Better Austin has only been able to grow as a practice with the help of our community. Patient feedback helps us to provide our patients the treatment they need to get a good night’s rest. To give your own feedback, call our dental sleep care offices in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, at 512-215-4350.

Cedar Park


My visits have been timely and pleasant. Rebekah has been a pleasure to work with. Highest marks across the board.
-Edwin K.

Rebecca’s presentation was very outstanding, and her sunny and bubbly personality made our discussions a real treat. What a valuable member of the staff…..hope to see her on any future visits. Dr. Max Kerr was very personable and provided such a caring attitude that made me enthusiastic about his professionalism and future treatment.
-Herbert R.

After my sleep study, I was referred to Dr. Hedgecock in Cedar Park because of my strong opposition to CPAP. My husband and I went to the consultation with many questions and some doubt.

We were greeted by Rebekah. She took me for x-rays and explained the reasons for the x-ray. Then we joined my husband in the exam room. She gave us an explanation of the process. She was kind, professional, and thorough and answered all our questions. She was so genuine and friendly that I immediately felt very comfortable and trusting of her.

Dr. Hedgecock came into the room. He was also kind, professional and willing to answer our questions. He did his exam and told me he was confident this oral appliance was a good option for me.

My husband and I felt positive enough with the experience that I agreed to have the molds made at that time. Dr. Hedgecock left and Rebekah took over. Again she explained each step. If it had not been for her, I’m not sure that I would have proceeded that day. She just made me feel that everything would be OK.

The next visit was to pick-up the oral appliance. Again Rebekah explained everything and answered my questions. I have now worn my oral appliance a week. It has been no problem adjusting to wearing it at night. I have been sleeping better. I already feel more refreshed when I get up in the morning, which makes for a more positive and productive day.

I am impressed because there has only been one minor adjustment to the appliance at this point. I am very encouraged and very thankful that I was guided in this process by Rebekah.
-Toni L.

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