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Whole YouWhole You™ at Sleep Better Austin offers a wide range of products that fit each individual patient. Their sleep appliances let the patient choose and customize the device that fits them. Each feature addresses anatomical, intraoral, dental and symptomatic conditions.

Appliances like Pink+ are durably constructed, to address anatomically large jaws and/or strong bites. For patients with a limited bite or vertical opening, devices like Pink Micro offer smaller and shorter arms and separated insertions. Some allow for maximum movement of the soft palate to address patients’ nasal resistance.

For intraoral conditions, such as a large tongue, narrow arch, or high vaulted palate, Blue+, Pink+, and Pink Micro all provide maximum tongue space. Each of these also allow forward movement of the soft palate to fit mouths with a Mallampati classification (distance from the tongue base to the roof of the mouth) of 3 or 4.

Devices with gentle retention and dental contact address dental conditions such as gum disease, sensitive teeth, or dental work. Easy appliance adjustment adapts to any patient’s future dental work and maximum retardation can address full dentures, short teeth or missing teeth in a patient.

Respire Pink+ allows for symptomatic conditions like bruxism by freeing up the motion of the mouth and putting less stress on teeth. If gagging is a problem, Blue+ and Pink+ both maximize tongue movement by minimizing their design. For patients suffering from TMJ jaw pain, Pink+ and Pink Micro’s designs both allow for free range of motion.

To learn more about Whole You sleep appliances at Austin and City Park, Texas, call 512-215-4350 to schedule an appointment with one of our sleep dentists, Dr. Hedgecock and Dr. Kerr.

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